Chapter 12 Summary

Ponyboy expects his hearing to take place in a big courtroom, but it does not. It is just a meeting with his brothers, his doctor, Cherry, Randy, their families, and a judge. The Socs speak first, telling the story as they saw it. Ponyboy thinks they get the facts right except that they say Johnny was the one who killed Bob. When the Socs are finished, the judge asks Darry and Soda whether Dallas was a good friend of theirs. Both boys answer yes, although they know that it is risky to claim friendship with a juvenile delinquent like Dallas. Ponyboy is proud of them for standing by their friend.

When it is Ponyboy’s turn to speak, the judge asks nothing about the night Bob was killed. Ponyboy only has to talk about his...

(The entire section is 765 words.)