Chapter 1 Summary

Ponyboy Curtis comes out of a movie theater alone. He likes watching movies by himself, but now he is in danger. It is not safe for boys like him, greasers, to be alone on the streets.

Greasers come from the poor side of town. They are tough kids who wear their hair long and dress in simple jeans and T-shirts. Greasers know how to steal and fight, and they are the enemies of the Socs, or “Socials.” Socs are rich kids who drive fancy cars, drink too much, and beat up greasers for fun.

As a lone fourteen-year-old greaser, Ponyboy is an easy target for the Socs, but he sees no choice but to walk home by himself. He knows he should have waited to go to the movies until one of his older brothers, Darry and...

(The entire section is 666 words.)