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Outcasts United is a novel written by Warren St. John. It is about a soccer team of refugee boys, and Luma Al-Mufleh, their coach. The coach had decided to help the boys after seeing them playing soccer in a parking lot in Clarkston, Georgia. There are many characters that contributed to the development of the story, and they include:

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Luma Mufleh – She is thirty-one years old and the coach of the Fugees team. She was born in Jordan and attended Smith College. She refuses to go back to Jordan after completing her studies in America. As a result, her father disowns her and ceases providing her with further financial support. Without any other source of income, she turns to coaching. It is during her tenure as a coach that she stumbles upon some refugee boys playing soccer in a parking lot in Clarkston, Georgia. She decides to help the boys start a soccer team— the Fugees—and becomes their coach. Since the team does not have a training ground, Luma asks Lee Swaney, the mayor of Clarkston, for permission to use the Armistead field for practice. The mayor later kicks the team off the field without any explanation. She is portrayed as loving and caring to the team, taking the children to watch movies and even buying Halloween costumes for them. She is also portrayed as considerate because she reinstates the Fugee team after being convinced by Kanue Biah to hold tryouts again.

Tracy Ediger – She works as a volunteer in a Christian organization known as Jubilee Partners. When she learns about Luma’s efforts to help the Fugees, she decides to join her noble course. She helps the Fugees by providing English lessons to them and driving their bus to games. On one occasion when Luma is arrested on their way to a game, she bails her out.

Prince – He is a Liberian who plays for the under 15 Fugees team. He refuses to cut his hair and is barred from joining the team for their second season. He is a close friend to Mandela Ziaty, and when Luma suspends him from the team Mandela is not happy about it.

Mandela- Eventually, Mandela himself is suspended from the team when he falls out with Luma for not adhering to the stipulated rules and regulations. Mandela is the son of Beatrice Ziaty and brother to Jeremiah Ziaty, who also played for the under 13 Fugees team. Beatrice is from Liberia, and together with her sons, had fled from the dangers of Monrovia.

Other players in the Fugees under 13 Fugee team included Fornate, who did not play for the team after the second season, Idwar from Sudan, Robin Dikori who was Idwar’s brother, and Grace Belagamire, the son of Paula Belagamire.

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