Literary Techniques

Leonard takes the conventions of the traditional heist novel and combines them with the traditions of the romance. The novel is also very...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

One of the defining characteristics of most popular fiction is that within those particular stories society's most sacred values are brought...

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Social Concerns

Elmore Leonard's thirty-fourth novel mates crime and romance novels in a text that consistently resists and confounds readers' expectations....

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Literary Precedents

William Shakespeare's As You Like It (c. 1599) perhaps predominates the structure of Out of Sight. Two very distinct people are...

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Related Titles

While Leonard has always featured strong, independent women characters, his writings truly began to reflect the changing role of women in his...

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Directed by Stephen Soderbergh (Sex, Lies and Videotape), the 1998 film adaptation, also entitled Out of Sight, stars George...

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