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(Great Characters in Literature)

The stage manager

The stage manager, who acts as a chorus in explaining and commenting on the action and the characters as the play unfolds.

Emily Webb

Emily Webb, a sweet young woman who grows up in Grover’s Corners, a small American town. She works hard in school, tries to be cheerful, and falls in love with the town’s best baseball player. She dies in childbirth while still young and shyly takes her place among her relatives and friends in the little graveyard. She tries to relive her twelfth birthday, only to discover that to relive is no joy and that the dead can only pity the living who know not what joy they have in life.

George Gibbs

George Gibbs, a typical young American boy who loves baseball. He gives up going to college to marry Emily, whom he dearly loves. When his wife dies, he is filled with grief and goes to sob at her grave, not realizing that she pities him for not valuing the life he still enjoys.

Dr. Gibbs

Dr. Gibbs, the local physician and George’s father. He is shocked to find that his son wants to marry and become a farmer but finally realizes that the youth is really no longer a child, any more than the doctor was when he married. Dr. Gibbs is a hardworking man whose hobby is the American Civil War; his idea of a vacation is an excursion to some battlefield of that conflict.

Mrs. Gibbs

Mrs. Gibbs,...

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Constable Warren
There seems to be little in the way of crime in Grover's Corners, so Constable Warren has to watch over the...

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