Our Mutual Friend Part 4, Chapters 12-14 Summary

Charles Dickens

Part 4, Chapters 12-14 Summary

Bella gives birth to a baby girl, and John asks her again if she would like to be rich. After a few months, Bella notices that John seems uneasy, but he will not tell her why. He keeps asking her if she would like to be rich, but she always answers that she would not.

As they are out walking, they unexpectedly meet Lightwood, who recognizes John as Julius Handford from before he became John Rokesmith. Bella is shocked, knowing that Julius Handford was wanted for questioning in the death of Gaffer Hexam. Lightwood points out that John’s avoidance of him increases the suspicion of his involvement in Gaffer’s murder.

At home, John tells Bella, who has asked no questions, that the mystery soon will be over....

(The entire section is 517 words.)