Others See Us takes place at the summer estate of Jared's grandmother, which she and her late husband had bought years before. Scattered across the property are four cottages, which Jared suggests are really more like comfortable houses, one for his mother and her brother and two sisters. The main building is a gothic, three-story, gabled house overlooking the sea. The estate's exact geographic location is unclear, although it is in an area where most of the summer residents, including Jared's own family who recently toured Europe, have money.

Near the main house is a swamp filled with toxic waste formed by dumping from a nearby mill. The waste inside, Jared discovers, gives anyone who comes in contact with it the ability to see into others' minds. For the most part, the estate and the swamp are merely background for the battles waged within the minds of Jared, Annelise, Lindie, and their grandmother.

(The entire section is 153 words.)