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Farou (fah-REW), a playwright. Handsome and overpowering, his presence dominates his household and completely absorbs its inhabitants: Fanny, his wife; Jane, his secretary and mistress; and, Jean, his son. Though he has been constantly unfaithful, he just as constantly insists that Fanny has always claimed his deepest devotion and that he depends on her to set right the disorders of their lives.


Fanny, Farou’s beautiful wife. Proud in the knowledge that her husband is her one love, she learns of his intimacy with Jane and is disturbed by the necessity of being involved in one of his affairs and of sharing with another her pain over his faithlessness. When she finally tells Jane of her knowledge of the affair, she is suddenly afraid to be left alone, and she asks the girl to stay and provide a measure of security for them all.


Jane, Farou’s secretary and a companion to Fanny. As she becomes Farou’s mistress, she also becomes Fanny’s affectionate companion. When her affair with Farou is discovered, she prepares to leave, but at Fanny’s gentle urging, she consents to stay.

Jean Farou

Jean Farou, Farou’s son by a former mistress. He is in love with Jane and suffers intensely over her relationship with his father.