How did Desdemona fall in love with Othello and why is Othello's description called "the Othello music"?

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I have to assume that you are speaking of Desdemona.  If you are talking about the description Othello puts forth during his "trial" before the Duke, he says basically that he told her tales of his battles and his woes and that she was enamored of these stories and that she would basically beg for more.  After a time it became clear that she was also in love with him, not just his stories, so despite his being a Moor and being a man of war, not a gentleman, she fell for him hard.

Perhaps it could be referred to as music since he plays such a tune that it affects the Duke and everyone else listening, they all have their heartstrings plucked and in a way fall for him, just as Desdemona did.

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