Brabantio (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Brabantio is Desdemona's father. A Venetian senator, he is a magnifico, a prominent citizen and landowner in Venice. He charges Othello with...

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Cassio (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Cassio is chosen over Iago to be Othello's lieutenant. He is discredited when he participates in a drunken brawl during Othello's wedding...

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Desdemona (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, a man of some reputation in Venice. As such, she is part of the upper class of Venetian society....

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Emilia (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Emilia is Iago's wife. She travels to Cyprus with her husband and acts as a waiting woman to Desdemona. She gives Iago Desdemona's...

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Iago (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Iago is Othello's ancient, or ensign. When Othello promotes Cassio, Iago feels slighted and plots revenge against them both. He manipulates...

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Othello (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Othello, a Moor, is a general and commander of the Venetian armed forces, and later governor of Cyprus. He secretly weds Desdemona and...

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Roderigo (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Roderigo is a Venetian desperately desiring, but a rejected suitor of Desdemona. He becomes Iago's pawn, wounds and is wounded by Cassio in...

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Other Characters (Descriptions)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Othello and Desdemona are characters of some stature in the communities of both Venice and Cyprus. In their public...

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