Othello Act V, Scenes 1-2 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act V, Scenes 1-2 Summary and Analysis

Act V, Scene 1
New Character:

Gratiano: Venetian nobleman; brother to Brabantio

On a street in Cyprus, Iago tells Roderigo to hide and attack Cassio as he walks by. However, when Cassio enters, Roderigo’s attempt fails, and Cassio wounds him. Iago sneaks up behind Cassio and stabs him in the leg. Othello enters, hears Cassio’s cries, and concludes that Iago has kept his word and killed Cassio. Lodovico and Gratiano enter at the confusion and comment on the cries for help coming from the street. Iago appears and asks them who is crying for help. Cassio then appears, is recognized, and says that whoever stabbed him is in the area. Roderigo cries for help and Iago immediately...

(The entire section is 2139 words.)