Act I, Scenes 1-3 Summary and Analysis

Act I, Scene 1
New Characters:

Iago: newly appointed ensign to Othello, Moor of Venice

Roderigo: gentleman, disappointed suitor to Desdemona

Brabantio: Venetian Senator, father to Desdemona

One night on a street in Venice, Iago discloses to Roderigo the nature of his hatred for Othello, the Moor of Venice. It seems that in spite of the petitions of three influential Venetians, Othello has by-passed Iago for promotion to lieutenant. Instead, he has chosen Michael Cassio, a Florentine, and has appointed Iago to the less important position of ensign. Iago then enlists the aid of Roderigo, a disappointed suitor to Desdemona, in waking Brabantio, Desdemona’s...

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