Oscar Micheaux Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

The Conquest: The Story of a Negro Pioneer (autobiographical novel) 1913

The Forged Note: A Romance of the Darker Races (autobiographical novel) 1915

The Homesteader (novel) 1917

The Homesteader (film) 1919

The Brute (film) 1920

Symbol of the Unconquered (film) 1920

Within Our Gates (film) 1920

Deceit (film) 1921

The Gunsaulus Mystery (film) 1921

The Dungeon (film) 1922

Uncle Jasper's Will (film) 1922

The Virgin of the Seminole (film) 1922

The Ghost of Tolston's Manor (film) 1923

A Son of Satan (film) 1924

Body and Soul (film) 1925

Marcus Garland (film) 1925

The Spider's Web (film) 1926

The Broken Violin (film) 1927

The Millionaire (film) 1927

Easy Street (film) 1928

Thirty Years Later (film) 1928

When Men Betray (film) 1928

Wages of Sin (film) 1929

A Daughter of the Congo (film) 1930

Darktown Revue (film) 1931

The Exile (film) 1931

Black Magic (film) 1932

The Girl from Chicago (film) 1932

Ten Minutes to Live (film) 1932

Veiled Aristocrats (film) 1932

Ten Minutes to Kill (film) 1933.

Harlem after Midnight (film) 1934

Lem Hawkins' Confession (film) 1935

Swing (film) 1936

Temptation (film) 1936

Underworld (film) 1936

Miracle in Harlem (film) 1937

God's Stepchildren (film) 1938

Birthright [sound version] (film) 1939

Lying Lips (film) 1940

The Notorious Elinor Lee (film) 1940

The Wind from Nowhere (novel) 1944

The Case of Mrs. Wingate (novel) 1945

The Story of Dorothy Stanfield, Based on a Great Insurance Swindle, and a Woman (novel) 1946

The Masquerade: An Historical Novel (novel) 1947

The Betrayal (film) 1948