Adam Kindred / John 1603 / Primo Belem

Although Ordinary Thunderstorms follows the lives of several Londoners, it is primarily the story of Adam Kindred. When Adam becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Dr. Philip Wang, Adam attempts to go off the grid in 21st century London. He discovers that hundreds of people go missing in England every year; perhaps he sees his misfortune as a way to rebuild his life. Adam is intelligent and resourceful, but at times his motivations are mysterious.

Before the story begins, Adam was married in America. However, after engaging in a sexual act with one of his students, Adam’s marriage and career as a climatologist fall apart. His student contacts his wife and demands that she give up her husband. Adam’s wife hires lawyers who coerce Adam into giving up his job. Adam leaves America and returns to London in the hope of becoming a senior research fellow at Imperial College.

Adam’s motivations are sometimes ambiguous and change over time. Initially, he goes underground out of fear of Jonjo Case and later out of a refusal to give up his freedom. However, he later not only takes on but embraces his new identities. After he starts living rough, Adam becomes known as John 1603. Although Adam is skeptical of the Church of John Christ, he is proud of his ability to navigate the Shaft and cares for his “adopted family,” Mhouse and Ly-on.

When Adam takes on Vladmir’s obtained identity, Primo Belem, he begins to wonder whether he has changed. Regardless, he forms a new life for himself as a hospital porter and he builds a relationship with Constable Rita Nashe. He acts selflessly to identify Mhouse’s dead body. He also acts with a great deal of cunning to reveal the truth about the Zembla-4 trials. When the novel ends, Adam wonders whether he will ever have to reveal his true identity to Rita.

Ingram Fryzer

Ingram Fryzer is fifty-nine years old and is CEO of Calenture-Deutz. Ingram built the company from the ground up, initially building his empire in property development before investing in pharmaceuticals. Ingram has a bizarre sex life and enjoys...

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