Historical Context

Life in the South
The small town of Mount Salus represents the gentility and social life of the traditional South....

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The Optimist's Daughter Literary Style

Perhaps because The Optimist's Daughter is a short novel, Welty includes elements of contrast to...

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The Optimist's Daughter Literary Techniques

As in her earlier work, Welty displays an outstanding eye for detail and ear for dialect, which contributes to the believability of her...

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The Optimist's Daughter Social Concerns

Like her fellow Mississippian William Faulkner, Eudora Welty deals with the conflicting behavioral codes of the waning southern gentry and...

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The Optimist's Daughter Compare and Contrast

1970s: After the death of a loved one, the family has the choice of having the body viewed at home or at the funeral parlor....

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The Optimist's Daughter Topics for Further Study

Consult psychology textbooks and journals on the subject of grief. From a psychological point of view, how would you evaluate Laurel's ways...

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The Optimist's Daughter Related Titles

Perhaps the clearest parallel to The Optimist's Daughter is Welty's first full-length novel, Delta Wedding (1946). Both works...

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The Optimist's Daughter Media Adaptations

Random House has produced two audio-book adaptations of The Optimist's Daughter, an unabridged version in 1986 and an abridged version...

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The Optimist's Daughter What Do I Read Next?

Eudora Welty (Modern Critical Views: Contemporary Americans) (1986), by noted literary scholars Harold Bloom and

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The Optimist's Daughter Bibliography

(Masterpieces of American Fiction)

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Fuller, Danielle. “ Making a Scene’: Some Thoughts on Female Sexuality and Marriage in Eudora Welty’s Delta Wedding and The Optimist’s Daughter.The Mississippi Quarterly 48 (Spring, 1995): 291-318. A study of how Welty’s female...

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The Optimist's Daughter Bibliography and Further Reading

Bailey, Beth, "Manners and Etiquette," in Encyclopedia of American Social History, Charles Scribner's...

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