illustration of a young girl looking out a window at ghostly figures

The Open Window

by Saki

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Media Adaptations

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Richard Patterson directed a film adaptation of "The Open Window" in 1971. Produced by the American Film Institute, it is a 12-minute short.

In 1980, The Open Window/Child's Play offered video interpretations of two of Saki's short stories. It is 28 minutes long and available in VHS format from Monterey Home Video.

"The Open Window" was also adapted for video in 1990, available in VHS format from Pyramid Films & Video.

For Further Reference

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Bibliography and Further Reading

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Further Reading

Cheikin, Miriam Quen. Review in English Literature in Transition Vol. 21, no. 2,1978, pp 121-31.

A review refuting the consensus that Saki focused on childish themes, devices, and cruelties, and supporting the author as a practical joker

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A biography containing anecdotes and analyses of Saki's fiction.

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Spears addresses the novels, plays, short stories, and political satire of Saki. He begins with a short chapter entitled "The Satiric Tradition" that provides an introduction to the context within which he reads Saki's work.

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