(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Winner of the 2004 Silver Medallion book award (now called the Christian Book Award), given by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, One Tuesday Morning presents the parallel and interrelated stories of two fictional families, one from the East Coast and one from the West Coast. Author Karen Kingsbury shows how the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center affect the spiritual journeys of these families, couples, and individuals. The novel begins with a funeral of a New York firefighter who died young from a heart attack. Firefighter Jake Bryan and his wife, Jamie, childhood sweethearts, share a deep love for each other and their young daughter, Sierra. Jamie is terrified that her husband will die fighting a fire. However, Jake has faith in God’s plan for himself and his family and wants his wife to return to loving God as she did before the deaths of her parents in an auto accident when she was a teenager. He writes comments in his Bible and in a daily journal to encourage and record Jamie’s progress toward God, so that she can read it as a guide to recover her faith when she is ready.

In Southern California, the marriage of Eric and Laura Michaels is faltering. Formerly close to his wife, Eric has closed his heart to God and his wife after their daughter was stillborn. He turns his focus to work as an investment broker, neglecting Laura and their young son, Josh. Eric’s brother Clay, a police...

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(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Sources for Further Study

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