One Crazy Summer

by Rita Williams-Garcia

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Student Question

What is the name of the girls' father in One Crazy Summer?

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In One Crazy Summer, the girls' father's name is Louis Gaither. The reader learns this when Delphine calls her father on page 38 and asks the operator to make a collect call to Louis Gaither.

Expert Answers

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The girls’ father is named Louis Gaither. The reader learns this on page 38, the first page of the chapter that is called “Collect Call.” When this chapter begins, Delphine and her sisters are calling their father from a phone booth because he told them to check in with him. Because this book is set in 1968, Delphine has to speak to a phone operator before she is able to speak to her dad. She has to tell the person operating the phone her dad’s full name and her own name in order to make the call to him. This allows the operator to connect her with the right person. She picks up the phone and says,

Operator, I want to make a collect call to Louis Gaither (Williams-Garcia, 38).

After saying this to the operator, Delphine tells the reader that it felt “strange” to her to say her father's first and last name like this. She is not used to saying them because she calls him Papa, and they have an informal relationship as father and daughter. She also does not hear other people in her life say his full name like this a lot. The operator does not ask her to repeat the name, but she does, presumably because it is such an interesting experience for her.

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