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(Great Characters in Literature)

Jerry Hyland

Jerry Hyland, the leader of a small-time, three-person vaudeville act who becomes an executive at Glogauer Studios in Hollywood. A likable second-rate actor in his early thirties, he has a penchant for concocting moneymaking schemes to get the trio out of vaudeville. After seeing The Jazz Singer, the first motion picture with sound, Jerry is convinced that talkies will revolutionize the film industry. He sells the act and persuades his partners to go to Hollywood to become part of that revolution. When it seems that he has “gone Hollywood,” Jerry redeems himself by leaving California to go after May.

May Daniels

May Daniels, a member of the vaudeville act who becomes an elocution teacher at Glogauer Studios. Tall, slender, and attractive, May has a quick, sharp mind with a tongue to match. She is the voice of reason, although a slightly cynical one, throughout the play. May dreams up a gimmick for the act to market in Hollywood: an elocution school to prepare silent-film actors for the talkies. Although she is in love with Jerry, she returns to New York when it seems that he has adopted the film industry’s superficial values.

George Lewis

George Lewis, the vaudeville act’s straight man, who becomes the supervisor of productions at Glogauer Studios. About twenty-eight years old, George is clean-cut, naïve, and rather dim. George follows Jerry and May’s lead, which includes acting as the elocution...

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(Drama for Students)

May Daniels
May is one of the three vaudevillians who form the core of the play. Of the three, May is the worrier. From the...

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