The Once and Future King Part 3, Chapters 30-32 Summary

T. H. White

Part 3, Chapters 30-32 Summary

The next knight to arrive at Camelot is Sir Aglovale, the son of King Pellinore and his wife Piggy. He is in mourning for the death of his father, who was killed by the Orkney brothers for killing their mother, though the brothers also killed Aglovale’s brother Lamorak for sleeping with their mother. Aglovale is a young man bent on revenge, as is his right he believes. Arthur begs him to rethink the whole topic of revenge, which never comes to an end. Aglovale tells Arthur and Guenever that his mother died from grief, not long after his father. He tells of the adventures of Sir Percivale, his brother, who is as pious and pure as Sir Galahad. Aglovale’s sister had become a nun, cutting off her hair and saving it in a box. She...

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