On the Road Part Two, Chapters 7-9: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Two, Chapters 7-9: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happened to Old Bull Lee’s aunt in the Casbah?

2. Why is Bull feuding with his neighbors?

3. What are “orgones”?

4. What horse does Old Bull Lee bet on?

5. What are Ed and Galatea Dunkel planning to do in New Orleans?

6. What do Sal and Dean hope to find in the Louisiana swamps?

7. What does Sal steal in Sonora?

8. Why is Alfred hitchhiking back to Oregon?

9. How does the policeman treat Dean in Benson, Arizona?

10. What does Marylou call Dean after he drives away and leaves them on the street in San Francisco?

1. An Arab cut off her finger and stole her diamond ring.

2. The neighbor’s children keep throwing rocks at Bull’s kids.

3. Bull says orgones are “vibratory atmospheric atoms of the life-principle.” According to Bull, when people run out of orgones they get cancer.

4. “Ebony Corsair” is the horse Old Bull Lee bet on.

5. They want to find jobs and rent a place to live.

6. They want to find a “jazz joint” where they could drink “snakejuice” and listen to the blues.

7. Sal steals bread and cheese from a store when the owner isn’t looking.

8. Alfred went to Alabama to work for his uncle, but the job fell through. He’s going back home to Oregon.

9. The cop pulls his gun on Dean. After he checks their papers he’s much friendlier and tells them they can get a good breakfast in town.

10. She calls him a “bastard.”