On the Road Part Two, Chapters 4-6: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Two, Chapters 4-6: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What apartment do Dean, Ed, and Marylou move into in New York?

2. Why does Marylou make advances towards Sal at the party?

3. What happens to Sal’s friend Damion at the party?

4. What kind of music does George Shearing play when Sal and Dean see him perform?

5. What does Dean mail to his wife, Camille, in California?

6. What kind of voice does Carlo use when he questions Sal and Dean?

7. As they leave New Jersey, what do Dean, Sal, and Marylou decide to do?

8. What displays are lined up along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington?

9. Why does Sal think the cops are suspicious of Dean?

10. How does Old Bull Lee feel about the bars of New Orleans?

1. They move into Carlo Marx’s apartment on York Avenue.

2. Sal believes Marylou flirts to make Lucille jealous.

3. Damion’s girlfriend punches him in the jaw.

4. George Shearing plays jazz piano.

5. He sends her eighteen dollars that Sal loans him.

6. He uses “the Voice of the Rock,” hoping to stun people into the “realization of the rock.”

7. They decide to forgive each other for the various fights they had while they were in New York. Dean says they should all understand that “we’re not really worried about anything.”

8. “Great displays of war might” including B-29’s, PT boats, and artillery for the Inauguration Day parade are lined up.

9. Sal says the cops can “smell jail all over him.”

10. Bull claims that all the bars in town are insufferably dreary.