On the Road Part Three, Chapters 9-11: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Three, Chapters 9-11: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where did Dean work in Los Angeles in 1944?

2. Why did Dean travel from L.A. to South Bend, Indiana in 1944?

3. Where did Dean break his nose?

4. Who is driving the “Mad Buick” that races Dean through the Midwest?

5. In Chicago, what does Dean say when Sal asks him where they are going?

6. Who makes a guest appearance at Anita O’Day’s club in Chicago?

7. What does Dean do after he backs the Cadillac over a fire hydrant.

8. Who does Dean finally return the Cadillac to?

9. What does the country girl Sal meets on the bus do on Sunday afternoons?

10. How many children has Dean fathered?

1. Dean tells Sal he worked at the New Era Laundry.

2. Dean went to see the Notre Dame—California game.

3. Dean broke his nose in an auto accident on Hollywood Boulevard when he was driving and attempting to kiss his girlfriend at the same time.

4. Sal describes the driver as “some kind of Chicago hipster.”

5. Dean says, “I don’t know, but we gotta go.”

6. George Shearing makes a guest appearance.

7. Sal says he “tittered maniacally.”

8. He returns the car to a mechanic who works in the underground garage of a ritzy apartment building where the owner of the car lives.

9. She sits on her porch, swings in the hammock, reads the funny papers, and talks to boys who pass by her house.

10. Dean has fathered four children.