On the Road Part Three, Chapters 6-8: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Three, Chapters 6-8: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Sal get mad at Dean in restaurant?

2. How many children does Frankie have?

3. Why does Dean get so angry at Frankie for not buying the used car?

4. What did Sam Brady do for a living when Sal knew him as a child?

5. What does Dean steal from the Denver sports goods store?

6. What does Janett do with Dean’s Dizzy Gillespie record?

7. What school do the college boys go to?

8. How much does the farmer charge Dean for pulling the limo out of the ditch?

9. Where is Ed Wall’s ranch?

10. What story does Dean make up about Sal and the limousine?

1. Dean makes a joke about Sal’s age and tells him he might have kidney problems.

2. Frankie has four children.

3. Dean says that Frankie’s inability to act and make a decision reminds him of his father.

4. He used to bootleg whiskey from the mountains.

5. He walks out of the store with softball.

6. After Dean smashes one of her country records, Janett breaks the jazz record over his head.

7. The college boys go to St. Bonaventurea, a Jesuit school.

8. He charges him five dollars.

9. Ed Wall’s ranch is in Sterling, on the eastern plains of Colorado.

10. Dean wants Ed Wall to believe that Sal is a very rich man and that Dean is his friend and chauffeur. Ed, however, thinks Dean stole the limousine.