On the Road Part Three: Chapters 6 – 8 Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Three: Chapters 6 – 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What do Sal and Marylou eat the first night they’re in San Francisco?

2. What dream does Sal describe to Marylou?

3. How long does Sal live with Marylou in the hotel?

4. Who does the woman in the fish and chips joint remind Sal of?

5. Why is the fish and chips woman afraid of Sal?

6. Where does Camille live?

7. What is Slim Gaillard’s favorite expression?

8. Who did Dean sell encyclopedias with in Oakland?

9. What singer does Sal listen to on Fillmore and Geary?

10. How many sandwiches does Sal take with him on his trip back east?

1. A can of pork and beans that a nightclub singer warms up for them on an overturned iron becomes their dinner.

2. Sal’s dream is about a big snake that is coiled in the earth like a worm in an apple.

3. They spent two days at the hotel.

4. The woman makes him think of a fantasy of his mother, living two hundred years earlier in England.

5. She’s afraid he’s going to rob her.

6. Camille lives in a wooden tenement on Liberty Street.

7. Slim always says “Right-orooni” and adds “orooni” to everything else he says.

8. Dean sold encyclopedias with a man named Sinah. Sinah went to outlandish lengths to make a sale.

9. He listens to a big man called “Lampshade.”

10. Sal packs ten meat sandwiches, and he doesn’t share them with Dean or Camille.