On the Road Part Three, Chapters 4-5: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Three, Chapters 4-5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What song does the tenorman sing?

2. What does the tenorman wear while he’s performing?

3. What does Dean do while he’s talking to Roy Johnson on the phone at the bar?

4. How does Ed Fournier describe Dean?

5. Where does Ernest Burke live?

6. What does Dean call the gay man’s car?

7. What was Dean’s father trying to sell in Nebraska?

8. What song was Dean’s father always singing?

9. In the hotel room, when the gay man discusses his love life, what does Dean say to him?

10. How does Sal prove his point to Dean about the invisible thing that binds everyone together in the world?

1. The tenorman sings “Close Your Eyes.”

2. He wears a tattered suede jacket, a purple shirt, cracked shoes, and wrinkled zoot pants.

3. He races outside to check the streets signs so he can give Roy directions to the bar.

4. When Ed sees Dean racing around in the bar, he tells Sal “that buddy of yours is a crazy cat.”

5. He lives with his father in a “sad old brown Frisco hotel.”

6. He calls it a “fag Plymouth” because it has no real power or pick-up.

7. Dean’s father was trying to sell homemade flyswatters in Nebraska.

8. Dean tells Sal his father was always singing “Hallelujah, I’m a bum, bum again.”

9. Dean warns him that he had been a hustler in his youth, then he asks him for money.

10. Sal points out a line of telephone poles that curve out of sight and disappear into the distance.