On the Road Part Three: Chapters 1 – 3: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Three: Chapters 1 – 3: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Sal say he feels as he walks the streets of Denver at dusk?

2. Who owns the travel-bureau car Sal rides in to San Francisco?

3. What does Camille yell at Sal during their argument?

4. What did Dean realize after his bad drug experience?

5. What job did Dean have at Firestone?

6. Why does Roy Johnson drive Sal and Dean to Mill City?

7. How much money does Sal think he can get from his publishers?

8. What does Dean dislike about Roy’s wife Dorothy?

9. Where did Ed Dunkel and Tommy Snark go when they left San Francisco?

10. How does Galatea respond when Sal tells her to take it easy on Dean because he will be dead someday?

1. He feels like a “speck on the surface of the sad red earth.”

2. Sal rides with two men who claim to be pimps.

3. She calls him a liar.

4. Dean realized how much he loved Marylou.

5. He was working as a mold man, recapping tires, but he had to quit because of his injured thumb.

6. They go to Mill City to look for Remi Boncoeur, but they never find him.

7. Sal hopes they will give him a thousand dollars.

8. He thinks her nose is too long.

9. First they went to Portland, Maine, and then, possibly, Denver, but Ed’s wife, Galatea, isn’t really sure where they are.

10. She says, “The sooner he’s dead the better.”