On the Road Part Four/Five, Chapter Six & Conclusion: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Four/Five, Chapter Six & Conclusion: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. After Sal, Dean, and Stan leave Gregoria, what region of the world are they in?

2. Why does Sal sleep on the roof of the car?

3. How big are the dragonflies outside Ciudad Mante?

4. What do the shepherds wear?

5. How many miles have Sal, Dean, and Stan traveled to get to Mexico City?

6. What does Dean think about the crazy traffic in Mexico City?

7. Where do some of the beggars sleep in the city?

8. How does Dean finally get back to New York?

9. How does Sal meet Laura?

10. Why is Remi so wary of Sal’s weird friends?

1. They are in the Tropic of Cancer.

2. He thinks the steel will be cooler than the air and give him some relief from the heat.

3. Sal says they are big enough to “eat a bird.”

4. The shepherds wear long flowing robes and carry staves.

5. They drove nineteen hundred miles from Denver.

6. Mexico City has traffic Dean has always dreamed of. “Everybody goes!” he says.

7. They sleep in advertising posters torn from fences.

8. After his car breaks down in Louisiana, Dean flies back to New York.

9. Sal meets Laura by accident when he goes to a loft in Manhattan looking for friends he thinks are having a party.

10. Remi still remembers the disastrous dinner in San Francisco, when Roland Major made an embarrassing scene in front of his step-father.