On the Road Part Four, Chapters 4-6: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Four, Chapters 4-6: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Stan go to the hospital to have his bug bite treated?

2. Who does the crippled Mexican pool player remind Dean of?

3. What do the waitresses look like in Laredo?

4. How do the border guards treat Sal, Dean, and Stan when they cross into Mexico?

5. When they arrive in Mexico, how many pesos can they get for a dollar?

6. What is the Mexican name for beer?

7. What do the girls ask Sal and Dean in Sabinas Hidalgo?

8. Monterrey reminds Sal of what city in the United States?

9. What are Victor’s brothers doing when Victor introduces them to Sal, Stan, and Dean?

10. What kind of music do they dance to in the brothel?

1. He is treated in San Antonio, Texas.

2. Dean says he looks like a “San Antonio Mex Tom Snark.”

3. Sal describes them as being “dirty and disgusted.”

4. They treat them very kindly and tell them to enjoy themselves in Mexico.

5. The exchange rate is eight pesos for a dollar.

6. Cerveza is the Spanish word for beer

7. Several girls walk in front of the car and ask “Where you going, man?”

8. Monterrey reminds Sal of Detroit.

9. They are relaxing under a tree by their mother’s house.

10. Mambo music is playing in the brothel.