On the Road Part Four, Chapters 1-3: Questions and Answers
by Jack Kerouac

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Part Four, Chapters 1-3: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Sal get money to finance his trip west?

2. Where does Dean plan to eventually live with Inez?

3. Who is standing in the San Francisco photograph with Camille?

4. Why was Henry Glass sent to prison?

5. What happened to Henry when he was thirteen years old?

6. Where does Sal stay while he’s in Denver?

7. What does Charity do in Babe’s house?

8. Why does Dean go to the pawn shop on Larimer Street?

9. What does Ed Dunkel plan to do now that he’s back in Denver?

10. What does Tim Gray do after Sal, Dean, and Stan drop him off before they leave for Mexico?

1. Sal comes into some money from selling his book.

2. Dean tells Sal that he and Inez want to move to a farm in Pennsylvania and have a big house and a lot of kids.

3. Ed Dunkel is in the photograph. He was taking pictures with Galatea, before they moved back to Denver.

4. Henry was convicted for stealing cars in Cincinnati.

5. He got into a fight with another boy and cut his throat with a knife.

6. Sal lives in a little basement room in Babe Rawlins’s house.

7. Charity chaperones Babe and her friends and makes sure they don’t drink in the house.

8. Dean wants to pawn his old railroad watch.

9. Ed is going to Denver University to study sociology.

10. Tim stands for several minutes on the dusty plains outside Denver, watching Dean’s car drive away.