On the Road Part Two, Chapters 7-9: Summary and Analysis

Jack Kerouac

Part Two, Chapters 7-9: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Alfred: a young, crippled hitchhiker

Hal Hingham: Sal’s friend in Tucson who loans him money

Okie Country Singer: a hitchhiker from Bakersfield

Sal wakes up to find Bull and Dean pulling nails from an old and rotten piece of wood. Bull wants to use the nails to build a shelf that will last forever. Bull is a great believer in building solid things. He shows off a table he built, a part of fence, and an “orgone accumulator” which is a device designed to collect orgones from the atmosphere. Sal notes that Bull is at his best in the morning, before fatigue and the effects of his drug use cause him to retire to his chair in the corner.


(The entire section is 920 words.)