On the Road Part One, Chapters 3-5: Summary and Analysis

Jack Kerouac

Part One, Chapters 3-5: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Truck Driver: a trucker who gives Sal a ride

Eddie: a young hitchhiker from New York

The Cowboy: a man who gives Sal and Eddie a ride

Carnival Owner: a man who offers Sal and Eddie a job

Farmer: a raucous man at local truck stop

Montana Slim: a shady character Sal meets while riding on the back of a truck

Mississippi Gene: a quiet hobo Sal meets on the truck

Mexican Waitress: a young woman Sal asks out for a date

Sal makes it to Chicago by bus and spends a few days wandering around the city and visiting local jazz clubs. But soon he’s ready to leave again. He hitchhikes west and meets a...

(The entire section is 953 words.)