On the Road Part One, Chapters 13-14: Summary and Analysis

Jack Kerouac

Part One, Chapters 13-14: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Ricky: Terry’s brother

Ponzo: Ricky’s friend

The Ghost: a mad hobo Sal meets in Pennsylvania

Skinny Salesman: he gives Sal a ride to Times Square

After a few days, Sal and Terry have had enough of L.A. They can’t find jobs and they are overwhelmed by the wild, crowded city streets, teeming with tourists and eccentric characters. Sal calls the city “a jungle.” Sal and Terry decide to go to New York together. Terry visits her sister while Sal waits outside. He can hear the two women arguing, and Terry quickly leaves the house. They move out of their hotel room and are back on the road again.

To save money, Sal...

(The entire section is 1052 words.)