On the Road Part Four, Chapters 4-6: Summary and Analysis

Jack Kerouac

Part Four, Chapters 4-6: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Victor: a young Mexican who lives in Gregoria

Venezuela: a Mexican girl who works as a prostitute in Gregoria

Three miles outside of Denver, Stan is bitten on the arm by a mysterious bug. His arm swells considerably, and Sal regards this as an ominous sign. They drive out of Colorado, through New Mexico, and into Texas. Dean urges them all to tell their life stories. Stan goes first, describing his European travels as they continue south through hot, dusty Texas.

In San Antonio, while Stan goes to a hospital to have his infected arm treated, Sal and Dean roam around the Mexican part of town. They stop in a pool hall to watch a young, crippled...

(The entire section is 907 words.)