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Dennis Plunkett, a British expatriate, feels a sense of greater belonging to his adopted community of St. Lucia after he discovers that a possible ancestor of his died in its defense. Identify and write about an actual historical case of a member of another race or culture dying or risking death in the defense of a land, people, or cause not his or her own.

As American leaders discovered in the years following the revolution of 1776, the requirements of achieving true independence extend far beyond a declaration, a war, and the formation of a national government. There are challenges of cultural, economic, psychological, and social independence as well. Conduct research into the post-revolutionary period of the United States. Compare the obstacles that had to be overcome with those faced more recently by a nation such as St. Lucia, newly emerged from colonialism since World War II.

Although sophisticated forms of art may seem to be detached from the real world, Walcott recognizes that art can serve as a valuable means of human expression. Investigate some of the folk arts, crafts, dance, music, or rituals of Africans or native Americans. Determine ways that these media help people to identify and define themselves as a culture.

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