What do you know about the story of Oliver Twist and its author, Charles Dickens?

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Dickens tale of ‘Oliver Twist', first serialized and devoured chapter by chapter by the public of the day, is one of the best known texts in English literature. It is a story centred around the bleak and cruel childhood of a poor orphan, shunted from workhouse to grim apprenticeship, a colourful life amongst the street urchins and wily pickpockets of London. He finds himself in the clutches of the evil thief Fagin, who seeks to profit from Oliver’s small frame in forcing him to commit burglaries. Oliver’s eventual acceptance into a more civilized existence has its costs along the way. The novel has been adapted, televised, filmed and dramatized in a number of forms.

Charles Dickens was extremely popular as an author well before his death, and gave readings of hs most popular works to great social acclaim. Dickens was a great observer of the human condition and its hypocrisies through his literature. He also had a unique talent for creating unforgettable characters, such as Sikes, Fagin and Mr Bumble in this text and devising dramatic plot twists.

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