Principal Works

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Lakeboat 1970

Duck Variations 1972

Sexual Perversity in Chicago 1974

American Buffalo 1975

A Life in the Theater 1977

The Water Engine 1977

The Woods 1977

Edmond 1982

Glengarry Glen Ross 1983

Speed-the-Plow 1988

Bobby Gould in Hell 1989

Oleanna 1992

The Cryptogram 1994

Boston Marriage 1999

Dr. Faustus: A Play 2004

A Life in the Theater (television screenplay) 1979

The Postman Always Rings Twice [adaptor; from the novel by James M. Cain] (screenplay) 1981

The Verdict [adaptor; from the novel by Barry Reed] (screenplay) 1982

House of Games [director and screenwriter] (film) 1987

The Untouchables (screenplay) 1987

Writing in Restaurants (essays) 1987

Things Change [director; screenwriter with Shel Silverstein] (film) 1988

Some Freaks (essays) 1989

We're No Angels [adaptor; from the 1955 film of the same name] (screenplay) 1989

The Hero Pony (poetry) 1990

Homicide [director and screenwriter] (film) 1991

On Directing Film (nonfiction) 1991

The Cabin: Reminiscence and Diversions (essays) 1992

Glengarry Glen Ross (screenplay) 1992

Hoffa (screenplay) 1992

The Water Engine (television screenplay) 1992

Oleanna [director and screenwriter] 1994

The Village (novel) 1994

A Whore's Profession: Notes and Essays (essays) 1994

American Buffalo (screenplay) 1996

Make-Believe Town: Essays and Remembrances (essays) 1996

The Edge (screenplay) 1997

The Old Religion (novel) 1997

The Spanish Prisoner [director and screenwriter] (film) 1997

True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor (nonfiction) 1997

Wag the Dog [adaptor; from the novel American Hero by Larry Beinhart] (screenplay) 1997

Three Uses of the Knife: On the Nature and Purpose of Drama (nonfiction) 1999

The Winslow Boy [director and screenwriter] (film) 1999

Lakeboat (screenplay) 2000

Jafsie and John Henry: Essays on Hollywood, Bad Boys, and Six Hours of Perfect Poker (essays) 2000

State and Main [director and screenwriter] (film) 2000

Wilson: A Consideration of the Sources (novel) 2000

Heist [director and screenwriter] (film) 2001

Hannibal [adaptor, with Steven Zaillian; from the novel by Thomas Harris] (screenplay) 2001

Spartan [director and screenwriter] (film) 2004

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