Critical Evaluation

(Critical Survey of Literature, Revised Edition)

Although each novelette in PALE HODRE, PALE RIDER is independent of the others, a unity can be perceived in both chronology and characters. OLD MORTALITY, the first of the three, is the earliest, and Miranda appears again in the last novelette. Miranda is the protagonist in many of Katherine Anne Porter’s other stories. In OLD MORTALITY, she is shown at three stages of her girlhood: as a child of about eight years, as an adolescent at the Catholic convent, and as a recently eloped young woman of eighteen. A student of Porter’s work will recognize that Miranda is Porter’s alter ego.

The material of this work is as compact as that needed for the shorter form of narration, but the list of characters drawn for the reader with precision is longer, and the effects are more varied. Porter is said to have worked from memory; that is, she allowed her memories to come together until she had a story in hand. In OLD MORTALITY, as in other of her stories, she uses her own Southern background as a point of departure, suggesting also her own experience in the children’s schooling at a convent and revealing her interest in social causes as represented by Cousin Eva’s absorption in and imprisonment for women’s suffrage. The child Miranda seems to reflect Porter’s own challenge of her family’s romantic myth as compared to the less romantic view of things at the present.

Porter brilliantly analyzes the...

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