Chapter 67-70 Summary

Quilp stays in his bachelor lodgings, attended only by Tom Scott, his errand boy. On a cold and foggy day, Mrs. Quilp arrives with a letter. Quilp refuses to let her in, telling her to throw the letter through the window. She begs to be let in to warm by the fire. Quilp relents and opens the door. He reads the letter, which is from Sally Brass, telling him about Sampson’s confession and the plot to capture Quilp. Quilp is furious, frightening his wife. He tells Tom Scott to escort Mrs. Quilp home and then stay away until he hears from him. He warns his wife that he will disappear, but he will not be dead. After they leave, Quilp checks for escape routes. Soon he hears knocking on his door. He sneaks out to make his escape but falls into the river and drowns. His body floats down the river until it comes to land in a swamp.

When he hears the news of his pardon on proof of innocence, Kit faints, not out of relief for himself but for his mother. Mr. Garland comes to drive him home, where everyone is gathered. There is great rejoicing, and Kit gives Barbara a kiss or two. Mr. Garland tells him that his good news is far from over, that Nell and her grandfather have been found, happy and content, though Nell had been recently ill. Mr. Garland says that they happen to be living in the same village where his brother (the Bachelor) lives. Kit will be going to see them the next day.

Barbara is little jealous of Nell, but Kit assures her that he loves Nell as a servant loves his mistress. Kit leaves with Mr. Garland and the single gentleman. On the way, the single gentleman tells a story of two brothers who separated over a rivalry in love. The younger brother eventually went away, and the older brother married his love, by whom he had an infant daughter before she died. When the girl became a woman, she married a man who was not worthy of her, and who beggared his father-in-law. Soon the unworthy son-in-law died and his wife also died, leaving a son and a daughter to be raised by their grandfather. The single gentleman is now going to see his brother, who is Nell’s grandfather, to end the cycle of discord.

It begins to snow before they reach the village. Kit goes to the old sexton’s house to ask directions, thinking that he sees Nell. He finally reaches the parsonage where Nell and her grandfather are staying, and finds the door unlocked.