Chapter 64-66 Summary

After three weeks, Dick Swiveller awakens from his fever. He is confused to find himself wasted away to a skeleton. He hears sounds and thinks he has awakened into an Arabian Nights tale. He discovers that it is the Marchioness who is in his room, playing cribbage by herself. She explains that she has run away from the Brasses and is now living here with Dick, having explained to his landlord that she was his sister. She tells Dick that she overheard Brass and Sally how to plant the five pound note in Kit’s hat and so frame him to get him out of the way. The Marchioness, who was nightly locked in the cellar by Sally, had found an old key and often sneaked out of the cellar in search of food. Using the key, she escaped from the Brasses, since Dick and the single gentleman are both now gone. Dick is grateful for her care, realizing that she saved his life. When he asks for his clothes, the Marchioness explains that she had to sell all of his clothes in order to buy medicine for Dick. He sends her off to the Notary’s office, since Kit is soon to be transported overseas. She runs as quickly as she can and peaks through the door. She sees Chuckster, as well as the notary and Mr. Abel Garland. She waits until she can speak to Mr. Abel without Mr. Chuckster hearing. Soon she hears a pony coming down the street, who seems reluctant to be led. Mr. Abel tells the driver that he is used to his old driver (meaning Kit) and just got out that morning. Mr. Abel climbs into the cart and drives off. The Marchioness runs after him and, not having enough breath to shout out to him, grabs onto the back of the cart and climbs up. He stops when she speaks to him and tells him to drive to Dick Swiveller’s residence in order to save Kit. There, Dick has the Marchioness tell Mr. Abel what she witnessed concerning Kit’s being framed by the Brasses.

The next morning, Mr. Witherden, Mr. and Mrs. Garland, and the single gentleman meet with Sally Brass in order to convince her to testify against her brother and Quilp. She refuses, however, but is interrupted by Sampson, who says that he followed his sister. He proclaims that the entire blame is to be laid on Quilp, while he and his sister were simply tools of his malice. Brass writes out is confession in the site of the Notary, but Sally manages to slip away unnoticed. Dick Swiveller learns that his aunt has died and, though she did not leave him her entire estate, she did leave him an annuity of one hundred fifty pounds, which he declares he will use to education the Marchioness.