Chapter 60-63 Summary

Kit is dumbfounded that he should be accused of theft. He pleads with the Brasses and Dick to remember how honest they have found him to be in the past. The constable arrives, but Kit asks that he first be taken to Mr. Witherden, the notary, so he can appeal to them. Before they can leave, Quilp shows up and mocks Kit’s predicament. At the Notary’s office, Kit begs Mr. Witherden and Mr. Garland to testify to his honesty. They do so, but the evidence is to clear. Kit is taken away to the police station, where he is scheduled for trial and then taken to a jail cell.

Kit spends the night weeping, thinking that all his best friends must think him guilty. He thinks of Nell and wonders what she would think if she should ever hear of his shame. The next morning, Kit is allowed to walk about in a little yard. He is told by the turnkey that visiting hours are later in the day. If anyone should come to see him, he will be called for by the turnkey. Kit spends the day in misery until the turnkey arrives to announce that he has visitors. They are his mother, Barbara’s mother, and his little brother Jacob. The women weep at the sight of him behind bars, and soon Jacob catches the mood and begins to cry as well. Mrs. Nubbles has brought him some food, which the turnkey says she may give to him to be passed on to the prisoner. She begs him to give it to him now so that, as a mother, she may make sure her child is eating properly. After Kit is returned to his cell, the turnkey brings him some beer, which he learns is to be given to him every day as a gift from Dick Swiveller.

Sampson Brass goes to Quilp’s place and overhears him singing and gloating over Kit’s arrest. He feels that Quilp is being too obvious about his involvement. He enters and Quilp invites him to share some fiery drink with him. Brass reluctantly agrees and is soon quite tipsy. Quilp tells him that he is to discharge Dick Swiveller from his position as clerk. Brass cannot understand why Dick must go, but Quilp reminds him that it was he who told him to get a clerk in the first place. Brass goes, asking for a light so that he may find his way through the rubbish around Quilp’s abode.

Despite the testimony of his friends, Kit is found guilty and sentenced to prison. Dick goes to Brass’s office, only to be told by Sampson Brass that his services are no longer required. Dick returns home and falls into a fever that lasts several weeks.