Chapter 56-59 Summary

Dick Swiveller is at his desk in Brass’s office when Mr. Chuckster arrives from the Notary’s office. They speak of Kit, whom Mr. Chuckster is sure will eventually turn out to be a thief. He is just finished with this assessment when Kit himself arrives with a letter for the single gentleman. He explains that he must deliver the letter himself, though Dick tries to get him to hand over the letter to him. The single gentleman comes down to see if the person at the door was for him. He discovers that it is Kit and receives the letter that he was evidently expecting. Dick outwardly changes his attitude toward Kit, giving him some money before he returns to the Notary’s.

Kit comes to Brass’s office frequently with letters to and from the single gentleman. Dick Swiveller always gives him two crowns, but Kit assumes that they come from the single gentleman. One day, Dick catches the small servant girl spying at him through the key hole. She begs him not to say anything, because Sally would beat her if she knew that she had been upstairs. Dick offers to teach her cards, as well as how to drink beer. Since she does not know her age, nor will she tell her name, Dick calls her “Marchioness.”

Dick and the Marchioness play cribbage whenever Sampson and Sally are absent. The Marchioness tells Dick that the Brasses do not trust him. Soon, several small articles disappear, but Dick worries that it is the Marchioness who stole them. Sampson, however, suspects Kit, since he comes to the office almost every day, so he has ready access to things. He lays out a five pound note, defying someone to steal it. Just as he does so, Kit arrives with another letter for the single gentleman. After he comes back downstairs, Mr. Brass detains him to ask about his mother. He takes Kit’s hat from him and sets it on his desk, fiddling with it as he speaks. He offers a job to Kit’s mother, if Kit thinks that she would take it. Kit thanks him and believes she will. He takes his hat and leaves, and Dick and Sally return soon after. Mr. Brass declares that he is missing a five pound note that was lying on the desk. Sally insinuates that it was probably stolen by Kit, whom she has always suspected of being dishonest. Mr. Brass insists that Kit is honest, but runs after Kit anyway. He is searched, and Dick finds the five pound note in Kit’s hate. Mr. Brass “regretfully” calls for a constable.