Who is a static character in Okay for Now?

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A static character is defined as one who does not change over the course of a work. There are several static characters in Okay for Now. These are primarily the minor characters whose presence and unchanging character play significant roles in the plot. These include Ernie Eco, Mr. Powell, and the Spicers. In addition, it can be argued that Mr. Swieteck, the father of Doug, the protagonist, and two other sons is static. While there are intimations that he might change, it is also possible to see the fluctuations in behavior as characteristic of his uneven temperament.

Ernie Eco is a bad influence on his friend Mr. Swieteck, even though he helps him get a new job. Ernie likes to hang out in bars, and there are indications that drinking is part of what has cost Swieteck his job in the past. Ernie turns out to be responsible for a robbery for which Lucas is blamed.

Mr. Powell is the teacher who becomes an important mentor to Doug. In this case, being a static character is a positive trait because his consistency and steadfastness are part of what have a good effect on Doug. He is a gifted teacher in part because of his patience, which helps Doug to develop the perseverance that his art requires.

The Spicers, Lil’s parents, are also static in a good way. Although there are ups and downs regarding their feelings about their daughter’s illness, their devotion and caring do not waver. These qualities help support the girl through difficult times.

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