Ogden Nash Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Ogden Nash’s staple was the short comic poem. He wrote hundreds of them and collected them in more than twenty books. He also wrote essays for The New Yorker and other magazines, and he collaborated with friends on a variety of enterprises, contributing to several screenplays for Hollywood and two Broadway musicals. His daughters seem to have given him ideas for children’s fiction, but he wrote for boys as often as he did for girls, and his most famous fiction, Custard the Dragon (1959), is pure fantasy. After he died, his older daughter collected the letters he had written to her and other family members during the last three decades of his life, Loving Letters from Ogden Nash: A Family Album (1990). These letters show him to have been as honest in private life as he was candid in print. Still other readers continue to collaborate with Nash as illustrators of his poems.