Of Missing Persons

by Jack Finney

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Why was Charlie unhappy in "Of Missing Persons"?

Expert Answers

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Poor Charley Ewell is generally unhappy with his life. For one thing, he positively loathes his job as a bank teller. He's never made much money at the bank, and he's convinced he never will.

Charley lives in New York City and has for the past three years. To most people, New York's an exciting place with lots to see and do. But familiarity with the Big Apple has bred considerable contempt in Charley. He may have seen lots of movies and read countless books during his time in the big city, but he still doesn't have many friends. His life is a solitary one, epitomized by the restaurant meals he always eats alone. On top of everything else, Charley reckons he's ordinary in terms of looks, abilities, and thoughts. If anyone needed a change of scenery, a new start in life, it's Charley Ewell.

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