Of Mice and Men Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

John Steinbeck

Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What scenes of death does Steinbeck describe in the beginning of Chapter 6 that parallel the events of the previous chapter and foreshadow the event to come?

2. How does the chapter bring the book full circle?

3. What two imaginary visitors does Lennie have while sitting on the river bank?

4. What is the subject of the conversation Lennie has with his first visitor?

5. What does his second visitor tell Lennie that recalls an earlier conversation he had with Crooks?

6. How is George and Lennie’s conversation similar to the one that they had by the pool in Chapter 1?

7. Where has George gotten the gun he takes from his front pocket while sitting with Lennie on the river bank?

8. What evidence is there that George is having a terribly difficult time bringing himself to shoot Lennie?

9. What lie does George tell about the way Lennie died?

10. What evidence is there that Slim understands what has really happened there on the river bank?

1. A water snake gliding in the pool is caught by a heron and eaten while its tail waves frantically, and a strong wind blows into the clearing and dies down.

2. The book begins and ends at the pool by the clearing.

3. While sitting by the clearing Lennie is visited by a hallucination of his Aunt Clara and of a gigantic...

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