Of Mice and Men - Chapter IV

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Tone (4S) - Read the following excerpts from the novel and choose the word that best describes the tone of the passage.

  • “ I seen hundreds of men come on the road an’ on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an’ that same damn thing in their heads….a little piece of land…And never a [damn] one of ‘em gets it. Just like heaven. Nobody never gets to heaven.” a.) Enthusiastic b.) Hopeful c.) Angry d.) Cynical
  • “Must be a nice room to have a room all to yourself this way.” “Sure,” said Crooks, “And a manure pile under the window. It’s swell.” a.) Depressed b.) Ecstatic c.) Sarcastic d.) Intimidated
  • “Well, you keep your place then, [Crooks]. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny.” a.) Ominous b.) Bitter c.) Assertive d.) Embarrassed
  • “An’ we got fren’s, that’s what we got. Maybe there was a time when we was scared of gettin’ canned, but we ain’t no more. We got our lan’, an’ it’s ours, an’ we c’n go to it.” a.) Mournful b.) Excited c.) Determined d.) Apathetic

Characterization: Read the quotations below. Determine if it is direct or indirect characterization.

  • The room was swept and fairly neat, for [he] was a proud, aloof man. a. Direct b. Indirect
  • “You’re nuts. You’re crazy as a wedge! What rabbits you talkin’ about?” a. Direct b. Indirect
  • “Spends all his time saying what he’s going to do to the guys he don’t like. And he don’t like nobody.” a. Direct b. Indirect
  • She looked from one face to the other, and they were all closed to her. And she looked longest at Lennie, until he dropped his eyes in embarrassment. a. Direct b. Indirect

Plot Details

  • What reason does Crooks first give for Lennie not being welcome in his room?
  • How does Crooks frighten Lennie?
  • According to Crooks, why does a person need a companion?
  • What is Crooks’s initial response to Candy’s account of the dream farm and what evidence is there that his attitude changes?
  • Why doesn’t Curley’s wife like talking to her husband?
  • What does Curley’s wife think of Crooks, Candy, and Lennie?
  • What does Curley’s wife realize about Curley’s mangled hand?
  • Of the three men, who stands up to Curley’s wife first?

Vocabulary – Choose the synonym of each italicized word.

  • He was more permanent than the other men, and had therefore accumulated more possessions than he could carry on his back. a.) collected b.) became familiar with c.) discarded
  • In the stable buck’s room a small, electric globe threw a meager light. a.) dazzling b.) harsh c.) insignificant
  • Crooks scowled, but Lennie’s disarming smile defeated him. a.) dangerous b.) soothing c.) malicious
  • Lennie’s face wrinkled with apprehension. “I don’ know. Say, what you doing anyways? This ain’t true. George ain’t got hurt!” a.) fear b.) anger c.) hope
  • “Awright,” she said contemptuously. “Awright, cover ‘im up if you wanta. What do I care? You bindle bums think your so damn good.” a.) loudly b.) hatefully c.) enthusiastically

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