Of Mice and Men - Chapter II

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I. Figurative Language and Stylistic Devices (4M/7A) - Read the following excerpts from the novel and determine what figure of speech or stylistic device is being used.

  • “…and out of the beam flies shot like rushing stars.”
  • “…out of the sleeve came a round, stick - like wrist…”
  • “God knows he don’t need brains to buck barley bags.”
  • “…thud of big hooves….jingle of trace chains…”
  • “His hands, large and lean, were as delicate in action as those of a dancer.”

II. Vocabulary -Read the sentences below and choose the best definition of each underlined word from the choices below.

  • “Darn right, he don’t,” said George, slightly mollified, “not if he wants to stay working long.” But he was reassured by the swamper’s defense. a. Angered b. Soothed c. Excited d. Mournful
  • He [Curley] went into a slight crouch. He was at once calculating and pugnacious. a. careless and angry b. strategic and eager for a fight c. timid and scared d. boring and ready to go
  • He said ominously, “He better watch out for Lennie.” a. in a frightened way b. in a threatening way c. in a soothing way d. in a confusing way
  • Which of the following would be the best synonym for the underlined word in this sentence: It positively kills lice, roaches, and other scourges. a. plagues b. aches c. pests
  • “I ain’t so sure,” George said skeptically. a. with doubts b. with anger c. quietly d. sadly

III. Characterization: Read the quotations below. Determine who is being described and if it is direct or indirect characterization.

  • “Well, I think Curley’s married….a tart!” ____________________
  • His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love. _____________________
  • George stood still watching the angry little man. He said, insultingly, “She said she was looking for you.”____________________
  • A powerful, big - stomached man came into the bunkhouse. His head still dripped water from the scrubbing and dousing. ____________________
  • She smiled archly and twitched her body. “Nobody can’t blame a person for lookin’,” she said. ____________________

IV. Plot Details

  • From what point of view is this story told? Find a passage from the book that proves this. You can simply put the page number for this.
  • What promise did Lennie make to George, and was he able to keep it?
  • What excuse does George give for Lennie’s disability?
  • What is the name of the stable buck? What is his disability?
  • What sport has Curley done well in?
  • What is the old swamper’s name, and why does he say that Curly is picking on Lennie?
  • What two characters does George tell Lennie to stay far away from? Why?
  • Despite Lennie’s fear of the ranch, why does George think they should stay?
  • What is Carlson’s main complaint about Candy? What does he want done about it?
  • Who is Slim?

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