The Oedipus Trilogy Antigone Lines 1,214 – 1,470 Questions and Answers


Antigone Lines 1,214 – 1,470 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Creon fear will happen to him if he heeds the advice Tiresias has given?

2. What does Creon admit after he decides to take the prophet’s advice?

3. Where does Antigone die?

4. Why does Haemon kill himself?

5. How does Haemon’s mother, Eurydice, hear of his death?

6. What does Eurydice do after Haemon’s death?

7. How does Creon discover Haemon’s death?

8. When does Creon discover his wife’s death?

9. How does Creon react to all these tragedies?

10. Chorus sums up the preceeding events in what manner?

1. Creon fears that he will lose his pride if he heeds the advice Tiresias has given him.

2. After he decides to take the prophet’s advice, Creon admits that he is afraid.

3. Antigone hangs herself in the tomb in which she was buried alive, choosing a quick death over a slow one.

4. After he discovers Antigone’s death, Haemon falls on his sword.

5. Haemon’s mother, Eurydice, learns that he has killed himself when she overhears the Messenger giving the Chorus the news.

6. Eurydice reacts to Haemon’s death calmly at first, then she kills herself.

7. Creon is there when Haemon kills himself. Attempting to undo the chain of tragedies that he has set in motion, Creon goes to Antigone’s tomb to free her, only to discover her suicide and to witness his son’s death.

8. Creon discover his wife’s death when a Messenger brings him the news.

9. Creon reacts to all these tragedies by admitting that his rashness caused them.

10. The Chorus sums the preceeding events with a meditation on the idea that the mightiest people sometimes learn what they need to know only in the wake of great tragedies.