The Odyssey Book 6 Quiz

Odysseus is in Scheria, where he is being hosted by the Phaeacean King Alcinoös. While Odysseus slumbers, Alcinoös's daughter, Princess Nausikaa, is visited by Athene in a dream. What does Athene tell her? Be sure you recall Athene's instructions and more by taking this quiz over Book 6 of The Odyssey from eNotes.

  1. In a dream, what does Athene suggest that Nausikaa, princess of the Phaeaceans do?

  2. What awakens Odysseus from his slumber on Scheria?

  3. True or False: Nausikaa is terrified of Odysseus and refuses to help him

  4. What causes the girls to scream and flee from the riverside?

  5. What specific instructions does Nausikaa give to Odysseus?

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